Who are we?

Anti-Wisdom is a collection of multiple forms of media regarding gaming. So who are we? Even though we originally started making youtube videos we’ve grown into our own company and game development studio which is working on releasing its first game. If you want to get to know us be sure to join our Discord!

who are we kylikaze

Kyle (Kylikaze)

I’ve started Anti-Wisdom because I like gaming and always wanted to start a Youtube-channel. Starting one with my friends seemed like the perfect opportunity. As I’m doing a Game Development study starting the Anti-Wisdom company was the way to go. I’m very passionate about making games and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Remco (Remodactyl)

Throughout my life I have the most fun creating games in all shapes and forms. Watching friends and family play through stories I had written or completing challenges I composed has always been my greatest motivator. After all, what use is insanity when you can’t share it with the world?

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who are we remodactyl
who are we the mister tea

Thijs (The Mister Tea)

Originally I started Anti-Wisdom as a hobby project and because I always loved the freedom and humour that Youtube provided. As I have loved gaming my whole life the idea of starting my own studio naturaly spoke to me. Now I can finally share my bizar jokes and game concepts with the world!

Luuk (vLuuk)

I’ve started the Anti-Wisdom channel, because I like to try new games and share my first reaction with others. Besides that I like to share my GeoGuessr passion and skills with others.

who are we vluuk
who are we little moon

Daan (Little Moon)

I decided to be part of Anti Wisdom, because I like creating video content and after doing it for myself for some time, I wanted to be part of something bigger. Anti-Wisdom has a funny and friendly atmosphere and to be part of that is a great thing.