Speed Chisel

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College GameJam ‘Speed Chisel’

Theme: ‘Order and Chaos’

Several players chip away at a large cube to mimic the example sculpture as quickly as they possibly can!
Do they work together in harmony, or do they, in their excessive chiseling and building, get in each other’s way?

This project came from a GameJam held in our school at the start of my 4th year of Game Design in 2022.
I joined a team of 6 people and we were given 5 days to:

  • Design the concept for a new game suiting the theme: ‘Order and Chaos’.
  • Fully program the game, both front-end and back-end.
  • Make the game available for download as a fully functional released version.

This was the result:

My contributions

  • I created the full Design concept of the game and lead the brainstorm sessions with the team.
  • I programmed the hazard effects that are triggered by breaking black cubes.
  • I created the models and comparison algorithm.
  • I finished most bug-fixing left by other members at the end of the GameJam.