Minecraft Labyrinth

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Minecraft Labyrinth

Available on Minecraft server RSMV.NET



The Minecraft Labyrinth is a giant 3D Horror maze inspired by the works of M.C. Escher and Dante Alighieri.

The player attempts to escape the maze by defeating various cruel enemies hidden across the map and deciphering the dark story behind the labyrinth’s origins.

This entire map was created by me and is now used as the inspiration behind ‘The Labyrinth’, the game.


In 2021, I hosted the ‘Labyrinth Halloween Event’ on RSMV.NET.
A massive multiplayer experience where within Minecraft, over 100 players would be divided up into teams and be released into the Labyrinth all at once.
The team that manages to sell the highest worth of treasures found across the map would win a cash prize.


To this day, over 7000 players have joined the Minecraft Labyrinth on RSMV.NET